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Digital transformation is a game changer in financial services


Disrupt yourself or be disrupted is the new normal. Every month we see new technologies, regulation, competition and increasing customer expectations. The average lifetime of companies in the S&P 500 today is 12 years, 60 years ago it was 50 years. As a result, since the turn of the millennium more than half the companies on the S&P 500 are no longer there. The ones who succeed in leveraging IT are in a unique position, the cost of doing so has never been lower, and time to market has never been so fast. The speed of change and increasing risks of disruption are high, particularly in view of the digital maturity in our home market the Nordics.



We are different


Noria Digitalisation is dedicated to digitalisation in financial services; our team is made of bankers and IT specialists. Our specialist knowledge gives our clients significant added value and saves them time and resources. Our senior team has a strong track record in leading some of the most exciting new solutions in the Nordic market. Our proven model and propriety software modules give you the building blocks to get more for less combined with our strong resources in consulting. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers a truly unique end-to-end solution that is coherent and well thought through. Customers enjoy swift time to market, the ability to unlock significant financial gains combined with our good track record on delivery, quality and value this makes us a strong partner in digitalisation.


Now is the time to act


IDC research shows that 80% of revenue growth in five years will come from digital business.  Progressive organisations who push themselves outside the comfort zone and accelerate their digitalisation journey today, are the ones who will transform their competitive advantage, customer experience, employee productivity and ROE tomorrow. We are working with some of the most cutting edge digitalisation projects in the Nordics. If you would like to talk about accelerating your digital transformation, we are more than happy to talk with you. We are a trusted advisor with a long-term relationship strategy, selective with new clients, but know with the right partners we can achieve great results.


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Digitalisering i stor norsk bank

Programmet består av flere prosjekter. Noria Consulting bistår med prosjektledelse og Testledelse.

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