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Solutions built from decades of experience

We deliver core end-to-end solutions to captives, insurance brokers and marine and energy insurers.

Track record
Over 30 years of delivery of core insurance solutions, 100% success rate in customer implementations.


Modern multi-layer architecture, built 100% in Java including a comprehensive and complete web service layer and web portals. A cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure platform is also available. All 24 customers are operating on the same source code, which include functionality innovated by 24 customers and Noria experts over decades and enable an impressive richness of functionality for all customers.

Innovation and R&D
Throughout the history of the company, we have heavily invested in R&D. Average R&D spending in Noria over the past 5 years have been more than 25% of turnover.

  • Technology
  • Innovation and R&D


Our owners have a long-term commitment to Noria, and this allows us to focus on providing the best products and services to our customers.

  • Ownership