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Get instant answers for the most common questions regarding Noria as a company, PARIS, our approach and technology.

Which database systems does PARIS support?

PARIS supports a wide range of database systems: Oracle, DB2 and Sybase SQL Anywhere. MS SQL Server, MySQL and others can be supported if needed.

Which operating systems does PARIS support?

PARIS is developed in 100% Java code, which makes it virtually platform independent. It is so far tested on Windows 7, Windows Vista Windows XP and Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 operating systems and most parts of the system can be run via a web browser as an internet solution.

When and where was Noria founded?

Noria as a company was established in Oslo, Norway in 1985.

Who owns Noria?

Noria is a privately owned – mostly by the management and employees – limited liability company and independent of external funding. The company is part of a group of companies that specialise in IT software and consulting services to the insurance segment.

What products and services does Noria offer?

Noria has developed PARIS (policy administration and reinsurance system) to match the needs of brokers, captives and marine and energy insurers.

My business has complex requirements for a core policy management system. Can PARIS be a suitable solution?

All PARIS customers are very unique in their needs, however they all run on the source code. The system offers such richness of functionality and configurability that instead of needing to program or develop new features, for example new products, reports or documents can be set up in the system effortlessly.

What does the name PARIS stand for?

PARIS stands for Policy And Reinsurance System. The platform has been known as PARIS since 1980’s when Noria was established.

How is PARIS delivered to customers?

The customer can choose between local installation and Software as a Service (Saas). In the Saas Solution, PARIS utilises Microsoft Azure cloud platform for delivery.

How does PARIS support fully digital processes?

PARIS has a self service portal where a fully digital customer communication can be implemented. Sales portal and claims handling portal that can be used by agent, brokers and claims handlers are also available. PARIS 4 is delivered with a full API, which enables digital business processes.

Does PARIS support Solvency II reporting?

Yes. In PARIS, users can generate a data extract and export it to a Solvency II reporting tool for completing reporting.

Does PARIS support multiple legal entities/risk carriers across various jurisdictions?

PARIS supports both multiple risk carriers and different underwriting years. Different risk carriers support different account numbers in the customer’s accounting system, and amount can be transferred between risk carriers to avoid duplicate reporting. PARIS can produce documents on partner level with multiple legal entities and risk carriers.

How are differences in insurance premium tax / VAT in different jurisdictions supported?

PARIS has a register of tax codes per country where default tax rules can be registered. One or more tax rules per country can be registered.

How does PARIS handle different currencies?

PARIS stores all transactions in original currency. All figures can be exchanged to any currency in reporting as the system stores exchange rates on a daily basis.