Insurance Solutions Offerings

Core Platform


Noria Insurance Solution is a suite of fully integrated software modules for a truly seamless end-to-end policy lifecycle management.


Our full quotation and policy administration module covers the entire policy lifecycle including endorsements, renewals, commissions, and reinsurance. The system handles direct business and business produced by brokers, as well as received co- and reinsurance.

Setting up new products and insurance object has been made easy thanks to data model that is based on a customer/partner relationship. All policies have a defined period and are linked to a customer or partner.


Our insurance solutions handle the entire claims process, from the fist notification of loss until the claim is closed with a ledger on each claim showing all transactions as reserves, payments to claimant, payments to other parties such as surveyors and adjusters, and recoveries from reinsurers.

Claims are linked to policies - the system automatically identifies policy terms at the time of incident. The ledger on each claim shows transactions as:

  • Reserves
  • Payments to claimant
  • Payments to other parties assurveyors and adjusters etc.
  • Recoveries from reinsurers


Functionality for co- and reinsurance placing, which handles covers, quota share reinsurance, facultative placing (both proportional and non-proportional), and umbrella excess of loss programmes.

The system can produce the following types of Bordereaux and Statements of Accounts: insurance, add (endorsement), closing, claim advice, claims, detailed statements of accounts and technical statements of accounts.


The personal ledger module keeps track of outstanding payments to and from customers and amounts due to and from to reinsurers including functions for reminders, collections, and electronic payments.


General ledger interface transferring premium income, claims costs, debtor, and creditor entries to general ledger systems. Flexible setup of accounts and accounting dimensions including product, UW year and claim year.

Data Reporting


Our optimised data model is purpose-built to best serve the needs for captives, marine & energy and brokers. Our customers are provided with the best framework for information management to allow efficient interaction between applications for business-processes and insight from large pools of data.

An application is like a building. Its quality is often based on the foundation. Our data model has allowed us to retain our customer for decades, allowing them to speed up business process and ensure that key objectives are met. PARIS comes with two kinds of code:

  • Setup codes such as agreement type (marine & energy, brokers, captives), business type (direct, co, re) and various forms of statuses
  • Client codes like division, section, class, product, condition, claim codes, etc.

We offer the option to set up configurable rules, allowing customers to determine if and how different data may act together. PARIS also has its own data dictionary (EUSYS) where super-users have access, and a rich help-function for users to find table and name for every field shown on screen. All online tables are identified with one primary key.


The rich data extracted with our report generator allows insurance executives and specialists to compare vast datasets with advanced analytics. This drives innovation, increase profitability, and improves the ability to deliver the best service internally and externally.

Prebuilt formulas and standardised features for tasks such as supporting various currencies, allows extracting valuable data to be processed in other applications used in the business. This empowers insurance experts to make the right decision at the right time by transforming raw data to support the required business task.

Cutting-edge security mechanisms also serve to ensure the highest level of data protection, which is a vital pre-requisite for the insurance industry that handles massive amounts of sensitive data.


Insurance providers are actively seeking new ways to increase efficiency and improve accuracy through initiatives around governance, risk and compliance. These vital business processes embed processes, rules and controls to ensure that the business operates according to its policies and strategic objectives.

PARIS streamlines compliance to reduce risk, control uncertainty and remove manual processes across functions and departments in a changing business environment.


PARIS offers decision-makers an updated and visual tool that keeps track on all KPIs, metrics and other data used to track real-time business performance. Captives, marine & energy and brokers can more efficiently deliver customer value, when silos of information are unlocked to provide data insights. By tailoring each client and function with unique dashboards, PARIS drives greater efficiency, fewer errors and higher profitability.


PARIS provides “out of the box” compliance for Solvency II reporting. By implementing our solution, processes and requirements are easily handled with an automated tool that helps with:

  • Financial
  • Governance and supervision
  • Reporting and disclosure

PARIS allows insurers to manage multiple entities and reduce costs with a system that is quick to install and easy to use. Our Quick Report module has built-in Solvency II reporting capabilities. Data is updated real time, and reports are generated in seconds. The parameters of the reports are selected during the on-boarding process, but may be fine-tuned at any time. Integrated modules which feed data into reports include policy administration, claims management, reinsurance, and financial management.

Self Service

When your clients operate 24/7 and have operations on time zones your own customer service can not facilitate, the Self Service portal is an ideal solution to extending your service capacity.

Each carrier can define user access level for clients, which means information available on the portal varies by client. Access can be configured to display for example information on policy coverage, allow changes to information, file claims and much more.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Nearly every business leader will say they want their business culture to become more data driven. The new normal may have accelerated this admission, however, the challenge behind achieving this ideal is far from new. Many organizations still have miles to go. This is because to become truly data driven, data is not enough; you must have the right tools, competency, and agility to turn data into actionable insight.

Collecting data without having a way to turn it into actionable insight is like a hunter-gatherer collecting bones. They may have the biggest bone-pile in the tribe but it is ultimately meaningless if they fail to put it to use. That is why the organisation that turns data into insight, and insight into action, will achieve an evolutionary leap.

We can help you with advisory, implementation to training and support.

Our Business Service Areas:

Noria BI solutions are fit for organizations of all sizes to harness the potential in data driven operations. But the BI landscape is under constant changes, and the vast number of different BI tools, vendors, technologies and architectures may seem overwhelming. Our team of BI experts have the insight and experience to help your organization get your BI journey off to the right start.

Strategy and architecture review
We help you to define your BI strategy to make sure you are on the right path of getting a competitive advantage utilizing data.

  • Assess and review your current BI ecosystem
  • Create a BI vision
  • Build a BI roadmap

Our BI team brings not only technological expertise, but also crucial business knowledge into a BI implementation journey. This is to ensure we together build the best BI solutions that meet your business requirements.

BI as a Service
It is a fact that not all businesses are created equal. If you are a small to medium sized organisation, you might wonder how you can take advantage of your data. What you might need is an agile and scalable end-to-end service that handles business intelligence for you.

Noria has experience and expertise in running a complete business intelligence solution as a service. We work with market leading technology partners, enabling us to handle your BI solution, from data extraction and organization to insights and analytics.

Operational reporting and dashboards
The traditional BI dashboard requires more flexibility and self-service capabilities. We work with modern solutions that give you the power as users.

We understand the need and value of creating flexible reporting and dashboards for business users to extract what they need when they need it.

Machine Learning

Enterprise Data Warehousing / Data platform


Noria Cloud

Noria Cloud solution is an upgrade version of our modern, end-to-end insurance software. It is now available in Software as a service (SaaS) model. Our cloud solutions deliver better performance, improved availability and efficient maintenance. All services are unified. You as customers will have the possibility to operate notifications and tasks, read news.

Tailored Portals

In addition to the portals that facilitate your core business processes and extend customer service, we can offer you customised portals tailored to your specific needs. We can deliver these in a matter of weeks. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us know how we can help you.