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The roots of Noria date back to 1975 when a first version of core insurance system was developed to serve the needs of marine insurers. The product was officially named PARIS in 1985, the same year Noria was established as a company. By the late 80’s, PARIS 1.0 had been deployed by several leading companies, such as companies now included in Gard and Willis.

For over 30 years, Noria has delivered core insurance solutions and IT consultancy services to financial institutions. Our success is built on uncompromised focus on customer needs, product quality, in-depth insurance domain competence and IT technology.

Recent years Noria expanded this experience and knowledge also into IT consultancy services in the banking industry. Services as IT management, digitalisation project delivery and fintech technology.



Noria founded a new company, Noria Digital, a project company specialized in implementing end to end digitalisation projects in the finance industry as a spinoff from several digitalisation projects in sister companies.


Noria Consultancy was selected as project managers and test managers in one of the Norway`s largest project initiatives within digitalisation of banking processes in one of Norway`s largest banks.


Noria Software launches strategic initiatives for international expansion; PARIS gets a fully restructured core. Next generation insurance solution, PARIS 4, is launched. A development centre in Vietnam is opened to accelerate product development and meet increasing demand from existing and new customers.


New management and ownership. Nora founded a new IT management company, Noria Consulting, serving banks, insurance and funds management.


PARIS architecture is redesigned and rewritten in a modern 3-layer structure, web services developed.


PARIS is modernised and rewritten in Java.


Noria was founded in Oslo, Norway, to serve the needs of local marine insurance customers. DPSjø was renamed PARIS. First marine customer implementation of PARIS in 1985: Vesta (later named GARD).


The predecessor of PARIS, was developed for the marine insurance sector.

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