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Built with long insurance experience

Deep understanding of the marine and energy insurance marketplace, processes and opportunities along with challenges allows us to develop solutions tailored to your requirements. Developed with 35 years' delivery track record for the Marine & Energy sector.

Complete marine & energy insurance business functionality

Pre-built solution, configured for marine and energy insurers.

Business agility

Flexibility and breadth of functionality allow you to capitalize on new market needs by introducing new products to the market quickly.

Significant boost to efficiency into a digital world of the future

Enable digitally empowered and adaptive insurers in a frictionless and seamless supply chain including customers, carriers and reinsurers.

Consistent information

Thanks to a solid data model, PARIS stores and updates across all locations simultaneously. This reduces the need for updating information in several places, lowering risk and further enhancing efficiency.

Enable one source of data entry

Improved data quality and efficiency, data is entered onece and into one system.

Enable proactive and comprehensive risk management

Ideal for global and changing business environment

Scalable and designed to meet the needs of a global business, PARIS is easily deployed across multiple entities and countries and all currencies.

Self service and integration of all stakeholders in the insurance process

Automatic workflow

Enabled by a modern multi-layer architecture, PARIS helps insurers enhance efficiency through fully automated workflow.

Web portals for mobile working

The web portals, such as claim portal, can be easily accessed from any device through a web browser. PARIS portals store data on the server, which enables users to pick up where they left off, on any device and in any location.

Solvency II reporting

Designed to enable insurers to meet regulatory requirements, PARIS provides full audit trail for all transactions and support for Solvency II compliant reporting.


A proven implementation model allows for quick onboarding and the breadth of functionality in PARIS means that little, if any, custom development is needed. This means cost-efficient acquisition cost to your organisation. Annual license fees are predictable, which means better control over your IT budget.

Solid reinsurance module

Developed over 30 years in cooperation with world leading marine & energy insurance carriers.

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