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Customer Support

All services and implementation of the PARIS software are governed by a mutually agreed service level agreement (SLA). To handle our customer support in the best possible manner, we arm our first line support with our most experienced developers and technical management. By opening up for both phone and email support through our Task Manager support service, we aim to have our industry’s highest possible service level.

24/7 availability

Requests via phone aim to assist the user when navigating in the system. Technical problems need to be flagged via our electronic support service. We offer around the clock access to our most experienced experts, and support our customers in resolving issues before they become business-critical problems. This includes onsite visits when and if needed, and a proactive attitude towards system maintenance, configuration and administration. We understand that PARIS fuels business critical processes amongst captives, marine & energy and for brokers, and our support services are there to remove risks and eliminate negative surprises.


We have a comprehensive portfolio of services for deployment and optimization that quickly unlocks key business benefits for insurance providers such as marine & energy, captives and brokers. We offer a systematically structured approach to effectively integrate PARIS into the workflow of an organizational structure or an individual end-user.

Fast delivery of insurance production system

Our model for software implementation for insurance providers is an agile work-set where we have extracted the best from both Scrum and Lean. This ensures an efficient process with fast delivery of the PARIS insurance production system. Our implementation team consists of advisors, developers and project manager – all with extensive industry experience. Our industry specialisation allows our customer to quickly reap the rewards from efficient and successful software onboarding.

Business requirement study for insurance industry

The secret behind your success comes from a documented model for cutting-edge implementations in the insurance industry. It all starts with a business requirement study and diligent project planning. In this phase we rely on close collaboration to get key insight and data allowing us to craft the plan that ensures quick implementation of our insurance software, quick return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership.

Detailed project plan

The business requirement study leads to a documentation of all the basic needs and defines the frames of the project. Together with the customer we make a project plan that covers resources, activities and timetables. 30+ years of industry knowledge allows us to remove risk and uncertainties, and ensure that the system provides the best support for all your business production needs.

Experienced software implementation experts

Our implementation team is amongst the most seasoned and experienced in the insurance software industry. We support our customer’s IT-experts throughout the implementation in the fashion and manner that each project requires, and the process follows these steps:
• Analysis of conversion and user requirements. This includes best practices on infrastructure requirements and suggestions for deployment
• Implementation (system setup, design, development and configuration)
• Changes to production system
• Conversion
• Training
• User acceptance testing to ensure that the organization hits the ground running when the insurance platform software is deployed
• Start of production


Following the implementation, we provide our customers with an extensive set of documentation such as:
• Noria quality framework
• Database documentation
• System documentation
• User documentation
• Release documentation

Migration & Conversion

PARIS delivers market leading performance and increased efficiency. To ensure that you get the most of our technology, it has to intelligently integrate with systems and data to best support business needs. Our platform is built on a state of the art architecture tailored the unique needs for captives, marine & energy and insurance brokers.

Our conversion and migration services ensure that data is migrated between silos, formats and systems, and conversion ensures that the right data is exported in the right fashion into the PARIS-platform.

Data conversions

Having two or more systems containing data for the same “line of business” are time consuming and complicated. We have made conversion systems to integrate data from an old system to a common database in the new system. Our smart conversion systems for insurance data deliver data streams to the system and data format of your choice. This is
typically used for data deliveries to:
• General Ledger systems
• Data warehouses
• Rating / Quotation
• Other corporate systems


Our experienced consultants and experts are your guarantee for the most efficient process for extracting data from previous system/version, and uploading it to the latest version of PARIS. This process includes a detailed plan for both high level strategic considerations to detailed and granular processes for the actual migration process.

System interfacing

Many operations are best performed through seamless integration between two or more systems. The API unifies PARIS with
any application. Typical interfacing candidates are:
• Corporate CRM (customer) systems
• “Line of business” specific information systems
• Specific rating systems, cumuli systems and claims systems
• Corporate archive systems for imaging and document management
• Workflow and diary systems

Upgrade Service

We strongly recommend that you keep your PARIS-installation up-to-date at all times to ensure the best possible experience with all the latest features, improvements in performance and stability, and removal of potential problems by fixing bugs and errors.

At Noria, we invest 15-20% of all annual revenues in research and development to continuously ensure that the PARIS-platform maintains it reputation for “being best in class”. These investments enables our customers to always thrive on the most advanced software for insurance companies, making it a natural choice to retain PARIS to ensure
the most efficient business processes for captives, marine & energy, and for brokers.

One major release each year

We aim to release one new version of the system each year, and also continuously provide bug fixes and patches through frequent service updates. All new versions have undergone extensive testing before being released. Many of these new functions and features have been developed in partnership with clients making them valuable features for the insurance industry.

This also includes the options to access new functionality that has been developed in partnership with other insurance providers. By keeping your software investments current with the latest release, your organisation benefits from the most up-to-date applications that sets the pace in today’s competitive marketplace.


We provide training to ensure efficient use of the system. User training will be a mix between classroom training and practical use of the system. As the software itself is always improved and given new practical features, we strongly recommend a detailed training plan for training both staff and management on a regular basis. This is especially important to foster motivation for input of quality data, but also provide practical skills when new features are deployed.

All trainings can be delivered onsite or through e-learning. All courses are delivered by the same people that have developed the software.

Our training portfolio consists of:
• Introduction to PARIS: A two-day training course aimed at new PARIS-users.
• Expert training for claims handling, policy management and personal ledger: A three-day training course that gives a detailed overview of best practices around claims handling, policy management and personal ledger
• Quick report training: This course covers the basics around our data model and provides training on how to generate detailed reports with the Quick Report tool. This training is delivered over two days
• Construction of document templates: For those that want to handle the construction and management of document templates. A text module in Paris allows users to edit text, data fields and larger structures to customised document templates. One requires thorough insight into the data model and advanced IT-skills to handle such processes, and the course is therefore most suitable for expert-users and/or system administrators. This course and its content must be tailored each project/implementation.

• New release training: Training offered at each new mayor feature release.
• Expert training: Customised training when there is a need to explore a subject/field.
• Management training: Courses and seminars delivered towards technical decision makers that would like to explore current or future business benefits from PARIS

We especially encourage our customers to invest in training when they have hired new resources to ensure shorter learning curves, and for experts that want to draw even bigger value from our advanced technology.


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