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Claims Portal

The claims portal is integrated with the PARIS core system, meaning your claims data is always up-to-date, whether your claims handling is in-house or with a third party.

The Claims Portal offers a number of sought-after features, such as digital documentation archives and email distribution for enhanced communication flow with clients and other claim stakeholders. The portal has been designed to offer a user friendly end-to-end workflow and can be accessed on any device through a web browser.

PARIS Claims Portal list of features:
– Submit documentation with drag-and-drop.
– Add remarks
– Document editor for end user letters by email.
– Add roles i.e. doctor, claimant, etc.
– Perform electronic payments


The Broker Portal was developed to change the way brokers work and communicate with clients and carriers. It facilitates the entire communication flow with parties involved, from initial inquiry to eventual renewal of policies, claims and changes.

Designed to dramatically reduce the need for duplicate data entry, the Broker Portal brings significant time savings, while it also contributes to lowering the risk associated with manual data entry. The Broker Portal offers automatic document production and has a range of templates that can be customised.

Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is an executive management tool for direct access to business critical intelligence. It offers real-time reports and statistics for performance monitoring and adding valuable insights to risk management programmes. User administration has been made easy to manage and the KPIs measured can be set up to meet company specific requirements.

Self Service

When your clients operate 24/7 and have operations on time zones your own customer service can not facilitate, the Self Service portal is an ideal solution to extending your service capacity.

Each carrier can define user access level for clients, which means information available on the portal varies by client. Access can be configured to display for example information on policy coverage, allow changes to information, file claims and much more.

Tailored portal

In addition to the portals that facilitate core business processes and extend customer service, the Noria team can offer portals that are tailored to your specific needs. Portals are typically delivered in a matter of weeks. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

New whitepaper

Solvency II reporting requirements call for new solutions. Download our whitepaper to learn how captives have tackled the new reporting routines.

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